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2014 AGM PackClub Policy24/11/2014515.20 KBDownload
Mentors Expenses Form (PDF)Club Policy19/10/2015103.93 KBDownload
Mentors Expenses Form (Excel)Club Policy19/10/201530.01 KBDownload
Mentor Responsibilities 2018Club Policy19/01/2018216.21 KBDownload
Medical PolicyClub Policy01/10/201466.08 KBDownload
Maintaining Appropriate Levels of Behaviour in our work with children and young people 18/09/2018UnknownDownload
Juvenile Registration Form 2018-19Club Policy07/09/2018246.72 KBDownload
Injury Expenses Claim FormClub Policy23/04/2015197.21 KBDownload
Hurley Repair InitiativeClub Policy01/10/201415.63 KBDownload
How to Update a Team's WebpageClub Policy01/10/20141.01 MBDownload
Grass Training Allocations April-June 2018 20/04/2018339.45 KBDownload
GAA Newsletter October 2018 01/11/20188.95 MBDownload
Permission to Text JuvenilesClub Policy01/10/201435.57 KBDownload
GAA Newsletter November 2018 04/12/20186.27 MBDownload
Club Defibrillator Locations 16/12/2016271.06 KBDownload
Club Codes, Policies, ProceduresClub Policy25/04/2017658.25 KBDownload
CCC2 Team Sheet TemplateClub Policy13/01/201729.06 KBDownload
Athletic Development Skill Cards 01/10/20147.90 MBDownload
Athletic Development ProgrammeCoaching01/10/20147.90 MBDownload
An Astro Schedule Sept-Dec 2018 10/09/2018228.77 KBDownload
Adult Subscription Form 2019Club Policy22/11/2018206.18 KBDownload
2018 AGM PackClub Policy31/10/2018734.81 KBDownload
2017 AGM PackClub Policy17/10/2017885.01 KBDownload
2016 AGM PackClub Policy01/11/2016717.78 KBDownload
2015 AGM PackClub Policy08/12/2015841.05 KBDownload
Equipment Requisition Form 04/01/201758.00 KBDownload
Privacy PolicyClub Policy26/05/2018417.14 KBDownload