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Fáilte - Welcome to the team page of the FAOI8 BUACHAILLI/U8 BOYS (BORN 2009)

SATURDAY OCT 21st, 2017..

GROUP 1.. HURLING and FOOTBALL TRAINING in ST PAUL'S at 1130.. Don't forget hurley, helmet, gumshield and shinguards.. TEAMER notoifcation sent out.. please ACCEPT (or decline) as soon as possible.. Group 1, you're back to matches next week..!!

GROUP 2.. HURLING MATCHES at home in ST PAULS versus FINGALLIANS.. please be there for 1115.. Please wear grey An Naoilann jersey.. Don't forget hurley, helmet.. and shinguards (recommended..!).. TEAMER notification sent out.. please ACCEPT (or decline) as soon as possible..



SATURDAY OCT 14th 2017..

GROUP 1.. HURLING and FOOTBALL TRAINING in ST PAULS at 11:30.. Don't forget hurley, helmet, gumshield and shinguards.. TEAMER notification sent out.. please ACCEPT (or decline) as soon as possible.

GROUP 2.. FOOTBALL matches v ST BRIGIDS (off the Navan Road).. please be there for 0940.. GUMSHIELDS are compulsory.. Please wear grey An Naoilann jersey.. TEAMER notification sent out.. please ACCEPT or decline as soon as possible.




TEAM 1: The morning started off a bit on the cool side, but soon heated up. When Cluain Tarbh Boys heard the rules they were ecstatic, "All in" the Ref said and they were off. Three hurling games to remember. The teams looked fairly even to begin with but that soon changed. Reuben Bolger just couldn't stop, and couldn't be stopped, with some amazing passes to Joseph McGuigan, who skilfully sent the sliothar down the field. Patrick O'Reilly never lost a beat (or a tackle), even if he does spend a lot of time "single handed" (superglue next week!). Eoghan Nugent's accuracy and long distance pulls made it easy for Ronan Feerick to pick it up and finish it off under and over the bar. Donnacha Hargaden and Zack Dunwoody did their fair share of damage in midfield and forward, creating chaos for Erin's Isle who were clearly getting very tired having the legs run off them. With two convincing wins out of three, Cluain Tarbh Grupa Amhain, Foireann Amhain, A force to be reckoned with.

TEAM 2: Team number two got off to a great start in game number one. Some great hurling up the middle of the pitch from Donagh Kirwan, Ian Ross and Oliver Saunders laying off the ball to Dylan Murphy and Eoin Fitzgerald who seemed to hit the ball over and under the bar with ease. Game two was a different game as we came up against their strongest team. Fionn Trimble was in goal for this game and pulled off some amazing saves. We managed to put away a goal and a point in this game but despite their best efforts it just wasn't enough. However game three was a joy to watch as Clontarf excelled, some great play in this one especially from Sokeen Ryan and Matthew Hogan. Rian Dooley and Zachary Dunwoody also produced great stick work throughout. Two out of three ain't bad. Thanks again lads.

TEAM 3: Team 3 mirroring the conditions were a bit cold to start in their first all-in hurling cluiche and despite some good defending and valiant attempts from the cul baire Liam Gallagher it was mostly one way traffic as Erins Isle had a couple of players who were well able to lift and managed some nice scores. Their second game was much more even and it fell to James O'Sullivan to get our first score of the day as he bundled home a cul from close range. The match was even stevens and finished as a draw. Growing in confidence they really upped their game in the final match. Alexey Golanov who attempted to lift throughout the morning played really well. Ruadhan Kelly McHugh a late addition to the team drove some mighty clearances forward. Noah McClintock battled upfront while Cal Doran did some great work on the ground but needs to work on taking the time to lift. Adam Byrne made a great save and clearance while Connell Ryan got through a lot of work i lar na pairce with Donagh Kirwan putting in a big shift while Liam Gallagher picked off a couple of nice scores in a good team win. 

GROUP 2 meanwhile trained very hard at both hurling and football taking in their stride the introduction of an old classic Clontarf game by the name of "21"...!! Attention levels were stretched as the session wore on so its an area some of the boys need to work on..! Maybe with the training session a good bit later in the morning a small sandwich or a banana before heading up to training mightn't be a bad idea for some..! Just to keep the energy levels topped up..!!





GROUP 1 are AWAY.. HURLING.. versus ERINS ISLE GAA, FINGLAS.. Meeting at 0940 sharp... Please note the earlier start. Remember hurley, helmet, shin guards (recommended..!) and Grey An Naoilann jersey..

Entrance to Erins Isle club off Farnham Drive.

GROUP  2 are TRAINING.. ST PAULS at 1130.. please bring hurley, helmet, gumshield, shin guards (recommended)..




MATCH REPORTS.. Sat Sep 30.. Group 1 Football v O'Dwyers..

TEAM 1 had two fantastic wins against a spirited O'Dwyers team. Charitable lot that they are, they decided to let O'Dwyers have the run of the pitch for the first two minutes and the visitors duly scored two fine points. Cluain Tarbh then woke up and began to lay siege to their opponents goal. Once into their stride they played a brand of football which evoked memories of the great Kerry team of the 1970's! DONNACHA HARGARDEN stood out with his smooth pick ups and clean hands, EOGHAN NUGENT was notable for his composure in front of goal (including some fine fisted points), REUBEN BOLGER excelled with his never say die attitude, CONOR McDERMOTT gets better game by game with one lovely catch (and a kick where his boot went as far as the ball he struck). RONAN FEERICK won applause for his energetic bursts up the wing and good distribution, SOKEEN RYAN was outstanding on the pitch, MAX PROUDFOOT'S influence on the games grew as time passed, JOSEPH McGUIGAN was a physical presence on the pitch and made some nice scores. Concentration didn't waver for the second game with some terrific passing and great team scores in a match our heroes dominated. Marking from goal kicks is an area that can be improved on but hey (!) its good to have something for our lads to work on. All stars all round.. well done to the boys. 

TEAM 2 put in three great performances and played some excellent passing football against O'Dwyers in all three games. EOIN FITZGERALD, DONNAGH KIRWAN, DYLAN MURPHY and ALFIE BURKE pressed the opposition through some very slick pasing and strong direct running. MATTHEW HOGAN, RIAN DOOLEY, RYAN COLLENDER and OLIVER SAUNDERS scored or set up some very good opportunities for the team, while PATRICK O'REILLY, IAN ROSS and TOM EVANS added steel to a solid defence. Overall the Clontarf boys were that bit stronger than the opposition, showed good skill levels, fitness and worked hard as a team to support each other. Their attitude and hard work made the coaches job very easy.

TEAM 3 match report to follow.








SATURDAY SEP 30, 2017..

GROUP 1 have FOOTBALL matches versus O'DWYERS in ST. PAUL'S.. please be there for 11:10.. Throw-in is 11:30 sharp.. Please wear your Grey An Naoilann Jersey and don't forget your gumshield..!

GROUP 2 have Hurling and Football TRAINING in ST PAUL'S starting at 11:30 sharp. Please bring hurley, helmet, shinguards,  gumshield.. and water..!

TEAMER notification sent out. Please ACCEPT (or decline) as soon as possible. Anyone still having problems with TEAMER please contact Padraig Giles (Lead Mentor Boys U8) 086 8274147..



Another very large group of U8 boys turned up at St Pauls kitted and helmeted for hurling matches versus St Vincents.

TEAM 1 put in three great performances battling to the final whistle in all three games. LOUIS GOULDING, PATRICK DOODY and ALEX MERKEL CARROLL pressed the opposition very hard. DANIEL SWEENEY, LUKE FLANAGAN and LUKA HODSON chased every ball. OSCAR CUNNINGHAM and SEAN GILES assembled a very solid defence. And LOCHLANN MURRAY pucked some very long balls, one of which DAVID RYAN controlled and duly popped over the Vincents crossbar for three points..! Some very clever tactics implemented by Ruairi Cunningham and Philip Sweeney from  the sideline. All in all another great show of excellent skills, solid fitness and wonderful team spirit. Well done to all.

TEAM 2 hard a real tough fought hurling encounter with St Vincents. The boys played air hurling from the start and the striking on both sides was excellent. Clontarf got stuck in from the get go with some super defending from OISIN EGAN and JOE BROWNE with MIKEY O'NEILL also a rock in defence. RONAN CAROLAN chalked up a number of skill points with excellent blocking, while DIARMAID O'BRIEN delivered some great clearances to the forwards. JACK POWER was a constant thorn in the side of the Vinny defenders and LEWIS TILLY struck some great balls. TOM JOYCE and MARK MOONEY MASTERSON got in some great strikes and kept working throughout. DYLAN McKEOWN won some great ball in midfield and also made a number of skill points.  Great day hurling all round and the boys really enjoyed it.

TEAM 3 match report to follow.

We overwhelmed St Vincents on the numbers front 34 v 21 boys which lead to a few headaches on the sidelines with substitutions and player exchanges necessary to keep everyone involved. We thank all the boys and parents for their patience. To solve this problem, next time we'll probably keep our teams at 8 boys each (so 4 teams if the numbers are the same as Saturday) and each team will play 2 matches and do one session in the "Skill Zone" beside the matches. However if the opponents have similar numbers to us on the day then we can stick with our three teams of 11 boys. These two options give us better flexibility.


GROUP 1 again trained diligently and the mentors are extremely happy with the effort the boys are putting in and how everyone is progressing so well. Keep up the good work. "The more I practice, the luckier I seem to get" Lee Trevino (golfer).


SATURDAY SEP 23rd 2017..

GROUP 1 are TRAINING (Football + Hurling) in St PAUL'S at 1130.

Remember to bring hurley, helmet, gumshield and shinguards. 

GROUP 2 welcome St Vincents to St PAUL'S for HURLING matches. Please meet up at 11:20 for warmup etc.. Throw in at 11:45 sharp.. Remember to bring hurley and helmet.. shinguards are highly recommended..!!

An individual TEAMER Notification has been sent out to the two Groups.. please "ACCEPT" (or decline) as soon as possible. THANKS.

Just to explain why Group 2 have matches again this week.. the fixtures are centrally planned by Dublin GAA. They alternate every week.. hurling, then football.. so if the groups were also to alternate every week, then one group would only play football matches and the other group would only play hurling matches. So in order to make sure the boys in both groups play both football and hurling matches it's necessary that one group plays matches on two consecutive weekends and the other group trains on those two consecutive weekends.. hope that's clear..?? So Group 1 will have matches on SEP 30 and OCT 7..


TEAMER seems to be working very well with a huge response rate for last weekend. If anyone has any lingering difficulties with it be sure to contact Padraig Giles (Lead Mentor U8 Boys) 086 8274147 right away. Along with this website teampage, it's our main means of contact. 


Saturday Sep 16..

Another huge turnout for the U8's again today. 34 boys for matches and the same if not more for training.

A massive THANK YOU to all the boys and to their Moms and Dads for bringing them to Training and Matches.

Group 2 fielded three well balanced teams for Football matches against Naomh Barrog. The reports back were of great skill, great scores and great teamwork. Well done to all. Match reports below.

Group 1 trained diligently, fine tuning both their hurling and football skills and boy does it show when it comes to matches. Well done to all.

MATCH REPORTS: Naomh Barrog v Clontarf..

Team 1 put in great performances in all three games with scores coming from across the team. Daniel Sweeney and Luka Hodson were menacing, Oscar Cunningham and David Ryan tenacious and Louis Goulding and Sean Giles very competitive in midfield. Luke Flanagan scored a wonderful point from the sideline to tie up the final match with the last kick of the ball. Charlie Bourke showed us all how to block..! And Patrick Doody and Alex Merkel Carroll ensured Barrog had to work hard for their scores. Great stuff lads.

Team 2 put in a superb collective performance across their three games against strong Naomh Barrog opposition. Teak tough defending, including some excellent dispossessions, particularly from Oisin Egan and Conor McGuire, lead to some great running by Cathal McAdam, Jack Power and Tom Joyce. Clontarf were very strong on throw ins and won lots of possession. Ronan Carolan and Noah Reeves took some great scores as they finished flowing moves. Dylan McKeown, Lewis Tilly and Diarmaid O'Brien also added good points and were strongly supported by the excellent passing of Mark Mooney Masterson. Great fun had by all in a really cohesive team display.

Team 3 match report to follow.


Go raibh maith agaibh to the parents who supported the club raffle for All-Ireland Football Final tickets.


After graduating from An Naíolann, our club nursery, our boys now enter U8.

It's fantastic to see such a large number of boys turning up for another season of Clontarf GAA. Because our U8 group is larger than the U8 group in many other clubs we've had to split our group in half (Group 1 and Group 2).. NOTHING to do with ability.. just a simple split in two..!! This will mean that until the end of the year the boys will alternate between training and matches on Saturday mornings.

Please see below which Group your son is in.

The TEAMER App seems to be work well for the age groups ahead of us so we've decided to use it too. You will therefore need to DOWNLOAD THE TEAMER APP ON TO YOUR PHONE.

Two TEAMER Groups will be set up - Group 1 and Group 2 - which you will be "invited" to join by TEAMER. Every WEDNESDAY you will get a TEAMER notification for the following Saturday's Training/Match details. This will be backed up with an "UPDATE" on this page.

When you receive a TEAMER notification please indicate via TEAMER as soon as possible whether or not your son can attend the relevant TRAINING/MATCH fixture.

This is new territory for some of us so there may be a few teething problems as we get it all up and running. In the meantime be sure to DOWNLOAD THE TEAMER APP ON TO YOUR PHONE.

Please check this page before the weekend in case of any changes due to weather etc.

For football boys must have a gumshield. You can get them in An Siopa our club shop (Tuesday & Thursday 7-8pm).

For hurling boys should have their own hurl/camán and helmet. Hurls are also available in An Siopa with some helmets also available there. Shin guards are also recommended.

Please make sure your sons bring uisce/water with them. Playing is thirsty work.


Group 1   Group 2
BOLGER, Reuben   BOURKE, Charlie
BURKE, Alfie   BREDICAN, Charlie
BYRNE, Adam   BRIODY, Ronan
DUNWOODY, Zachary   CORLETT, Matthew
FEERICK, Ronan   DALY, Ollie
HOGAN, Matthew   GALLAGHER, Jack
HURLEY, Eanna   GALVIN, Samuel
JORDAN, Dylan   GILES, Sean
KELLY McHUGH, Ruadhan   HODSON, Luka
KIRWAN, Donagh   McADAM, Cathal
LOWRY, Max   McADAM, Terry Og
McDERMOTT, Conor   McIVOR, Conor
McGUIGAN, Joseph   McKEOWN, Dylan
MURPHY, Max   MURRAY, Lochlann
NEFF, Ernie   NESBITT, Sean
NIKOOKAM, Daniel   O'BRIEN, Diarmaid
NUGENT, Eoghan   O'NEILL, Mikey
O'REILLY, Patrick   POWER, Alex
ROSS, Ian   REEVES, Senan
RYAN, Bruce   ROBERTS, Tom
RYAN, Connell   RYAN, Adam
RYAN, Sokeen   RYAN, David
TRIMBLE, Fionn   SWEENEY, Daniel
WALSH, Ronan   TEW, Ivan
    TILLY, Lewis



We have a great group of mentors but we are always looking for more helping hands especially now as we start playing matches. So if you're interested in helping out just get stuck in and chat to Padraig or any of the mentors.

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The club caters for social sports. If you are interested in practicing some hurling or football so you could practice with your son at home you would be very welcome to try. You might bump into some of the mentors as well. Contact details are on this page.

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