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U11 Mentors 2017

Please contact outside of business hours or contact by email
Mentor Contact
Gerard Creighton (lead mentor) 086-8160818
Seán Murphy (hurling lead mentor) 086-8198766
Aidan Conlon (League Contact) 086-6079758
Michael Dalton 087-2800136
Peter Kenny 086-8223242
Michael Bredican 086-2552859
Shane Meehan 087-7414897
Gavin Woods (League Contact) 086-1714185
Tony Geoghegan 086-3886799

Latest News / Nuacht is deanaí

Camaint Final

On Saturday 19th August we play Round Towers (C) at 3:30 in Parnell Pk - in a 40 mins match. Keep your eye on the teamer invite.

Camaint is a non competitive hurling tournament held over four weeks in June-July. It is aimed at all levels.
It is particularly good for hurlers who have not yet made the breakthrough to full air hurling as the first half of each half in the game is ground hurling.
Teams are blended and it is great fun.
We are putting in one team only as many boys will be away.

Training is starting back
Training will be back in St Annes starting on Monday 14th August

Monday training at 18:30 to 19:30 on Pitch 21 next to Sybil Hill Friday training at 18:30 to 19:30 on Pitch 30 next to Rose Garden.

Monday 14th Football
Friday 18th Hurling
Then we will alternate on week by week starting with hurling on the 21st and football on the 28th

New Jerseys

As you will know we have three fabulous new sets of Clontarf jerseys for each of our squads kindly sponsored by Sherry Fitzgerald - anyone that saw them last Sunday will agree that they look great on the boys. When the weather is good we will arrange for a team photo before one of the matches that we can then provide to everyone.

Each of these sets are numbered team jerseys that will be provided on each match day for the boys - as we need to have these washed after each match we would ask parents if they could co operate and please assist us by taking a set of jerseys to wash - a mentor will arrange for this after every match - we will keep a record of this so that all parents have the opportunity to help out.

Thanks for your help on this.
U11 Mentors

Sherry Fitz sponsored jersey photo shoot

Thanks to everybody for turning up on a freezing cold Sunday for the photo shoot

New members\players are always welcome

Just come down to one of our training sessions

From Monday 3rd October - training is at the GAA Clubhouse on Seafield Road West

Training days are still Monday to Friday but training times are now 18:40 to 19:30

Cycling to the club house for training...

A juvenile member had their bicycle stolen from training at the clubhouse recently. Please pass onto parents and players that bicycles should be locked while attending training or matches.

Please ensure your child has adequate lights - it may be bright when they start training but it is pitch dark when they are finished.

Teamer Updates

As we have moved to 3 teams from two sets of two teams we have made changes to our Teamer setup. If you are no longer getting teamer messages please let us know.
You should be able to modify your account details if necessary at

Next Training


Code Monday @ 18:30 to 19:30
Pitch 21
Friday @ 18:30 to 19:30
Pitch 30
  No more training till after the summer!  



League Fixtures

Camiant - Hurling Final- please refer to Teamer for any changes 
Date and Time Venue
Saturday 19th August Parnell Park



For hurling please remember hurley, helmet and shin pads. Knuckle protective gloves are also recommended for the non hurley hand (i.e. if you are right handed you need a left handed glove)

Provisional Fixtures

Provisional Fixtures

24 June 2017 Clontarf vs O'Dwyer \ Judes Football  

Training Teams

Match Reports

Mentors and Coaching

Coaching is done on a volunteer basis and the mentors do so as a way to contribute to the community of Clontarf and surrounding areas.

  • All coaches are parents of players and are members of the club.
  • Please be respectful of the coaching staff during our training sessions and match fixtures. 
  • Please arrive on time.  This makes our job a lot easier and in turn a more enjoyable experience for the kids.
  • We openly encourage parents to get involved, support and encourage all of the kids regardless of ability.
  • We would however ask that you and your child listen to and follow instructions given by the mentors.

If you are interested in Coaching? 

We need more help for the 2016 season. So if you are bored standing on the side line or if you feel that you can make a positive contribution please volunteer to get involved. It is a great way to spend time with your child and be part of the community.
We can do with all the help we can get and don’t worry it only looks like hardwork!

House Keeping

Upcoming weekend fixtures are typically send out by Teamer Alerts and posted to this web page on the Tuesday/Wednesday prior to our matches. But please check the website on Friday evenings in case there are any late changes / cancellations.  

It is important that we arrive on time to both home and away fixtures, so the players can warm up and hit the ground running when throw in comes.

Useful Links:

To FIND Pitch Locations
Hill 16 web Site


Please arrive 10 minutes before training is due to commence. 
New players are always welcome.

Sponsor / Urraitheoir

CLG Chluain Tarbh - Clontarf GAA Club,
Seafield Road West,
Clontarf, Dublin 3.

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Club Pitches - Páirceanna
Pitches 21, 23, 30 St. Anne's Park (Juvenile), St. Paul's College, Sybill Hill (Juvenile),
Pitches 34, 35 St. Anne's Park (Adult). St. Paul's College, Sybill Hill (Nursery).
DCC, Alfie Byrne Road (Juvenile)


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